Thursday 23 February 2017


The roof and doors of St Michael's Church Traralgon are covered in copper. This is a very attractive, and weather resistant material. The copper complements the stone of the church . Another feature is the wonderful stained glass windows. This church is an eclectic mixture of architectural and decorating periods. I have attended church services there and found them to be warm and inclusive, also multicultural.

33 -35 Kay st Traralgon , Victoria, Australia.










Two long walls are made of stained glass, and give a jewelled effect. It's a great place to sit in the quiet, meditate, think, and pray for world peace in the stillness. The polished surface of the pews reflects the colours.



The font in which I was Christened. I don't know if I cried, though I do still have the dress:



Picture of St Mary MacKillop , dressed in her nun's habit, below, found in every Australian Roman Catholic church , as far as I know. She founded many schools in this country, for the poor children, in the nineteenth century. She battled authority to do it her way, too, befitting a very Australian woman, born in Fitzroy, Melbourne, though her family came from Scotland.

"She also opened Orphanages, Providences to care for the homeless and destitute both young and old, and Refuges for ex-prisoners and ex-prostitutes who wished to make a fresh start in life."


A candle stand, below. I don't know it's technical name. Again, common in Roman Catholic churches. You put in a small coin to pay for the cost of the little candle, light it and say a prayer. Many are electrical these days, presumably to avoid a catastrophic fire. 



This post is written in loving memory of Kath Teychenne BEM., who played the organ in this church, and was a pillar of the music establishment in Traralgon. 

Meaning of the stained glass windows:

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