Wednesday 8 February 2017


"The protection of wildlife on Johnny's property is more important than a new development that could be relocated to an area that has less environmental impact."
Simon Lane

An Elderly man who has turned the land around his home where he lives, into a wildlife refuge, is allegedly currently having it compulsorily acquired by Casey Council, to redevelop for soccer fields. Details are at the bottom of this page.

It is eerily similar to the plot of the famous Australian comedy movie, The Castle. I have read through all the comments in the link at bottom, and all the commenters seem to feel that this is wrong. (Well there was one in the middle that said "I love You". I couldn't figure out who to. )

Warning, spoiler alert at the very end. You're safe to watch the rest if you don't mind mild bad language:

4.13 mins

An original copy of the Australian Constitution, below. 


The Commonwealth of Australia coat of arms, showing some of the wildlife and vegetation that may be homeless if this compulsory acquisition goes ahead:


The following is a safe site, please look at it:


Running on empty said...


This came through my emails

"He won!!

Thanks for your help, Johnny Foy bloody did it and gets to keep his castle! Thanks a bunch."
Matt Williamson

Kathy said...

Good News...glad to hear that.