Tuesday 14 February 2017


Acerules and I needed to attend a meeting , a long way away from home , at a wonderful rammed earth house in Noogee Victoria. We were driven through beautiful country and the house has a lush, self sufficient garden, you feel you are in paradise with the wooded hills as backdrop.

We stayed at a motel at Morwell, the Mid Valley Motel, a comfortable , clean, budget room for $85. There is an undercover shopping center (mall) nearby called Mid Valley, and a restaurant next door. Nearby is a bowling alley. There is good public transport after a short walk. We bought some frozen dinners for the microwave, and rented a DVD from the motel for $2.50. 




That night , we decided to take in a movie at the cinema, with Acerule's friend that moved away, ( but they continue to keep in touch). We went to see LION.

The cinema screen:



I can't say it too strongly. I wholeheartedly recommend this movie. If you can see it on a big screen, all the better, because of some amazing scenery. Take a few tissues. The movie is set in India and Australia (Tasmania and Melbourne). It covers many themes. Poverty, adoption, pedophilia, exploitation, begging, homelessness, mourning, substance abuse, identity, autism and more, but in a palatable way. We probably should, but do not get depressed , by the circumstances depicted in this movie. 

Incredible true story of a tiny needle in a very large haystack

Author: Fvekmatic from Slovakia
13 December 2016

I've seen 104 movies so far in cinemas this year and I was wondering all year long if I will ever see a movie which will truly deserve a 10-star rating. There were movies like Room, Hacksaw Ridge, Me Before You, Sully or Arrival which are all great and therefore received 8 or 9-stars from me. But today I can safely say that I found my 10-star TOP OF THE YEAR movie.

Lion. An incredible true story of a tiny needle in a very large haystack. So powerful. Deeply moving. It's sad yet uplifting. Not going to tell you the plot but you should definitely find a way to watch this one. There are many strong moments in the movie but for me it was the part when you realize what happened to main characters brother and what impact it must have had in real life on their mothers life. As already said: This is a movie based on real events.

This will definitely be an awards contender. I also have to mention the young Sunny Pawar. You will love him. His acting is phenomenal."

 From IMBd website. 


I chose that quote out of so many glowing reviews, because my little blog is also  just a needle in a haystack among blogs. So Thankyou to those who read it, I appreciate it very much! 


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