Thursday 9 February 2017


“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.”
― Robert Frost

This time it's an elderly couple,  losing their family multigenerational home to a carpark, in compulsory acquisition by a municipal council. Details in the (safe) link at the bottom. 


Running on empty said...

Update (if you sign you get updates)

Latest update with elderly battle to save their home.

Despina Kathestides
FEB 17, 2017 — Thank you to everyone for your support for my parents and their home. We have made some great progress so far. We have a meeting with the minister next Thursday to appeal the compulsory acquisition on compassionate grounds. The council have also commented in the media today that they "will not proceed with Compulsory Acquisition and will seek a separate legal agreement with the family". We hope that one of these two avenues will allow mum and dad to live in their home unconditionally. We are awaiting either an official cancellation of the compulsory acquisition or a legally binding contract with the local council. Please continue to follow our story and share it far and wide. Help us to achieve a finalised outcome that does not have my parents living in fear of being evicted from their home, now or any time in the future. Thank you once again and stay tuned.

Running on empty said...


"Despina Kathestides
JUL 14, 2017 — Several months ago we started a petition on Change.Org to prevent our parents from losing their home of 40years. We wanted to thank everyone who supported our petition - all 25,000 of you! Without your support, we never would have won. My parents can now stay in their home and go on living their lives in peace without compulsory acquisition.

With the support of Change.Org, Channel 7, Channel 9, my dear friend Lisa Johnston, IGUM, Local Member Mark Coure, Member for Local Government, Gabrielle Upton (and her office), Allan Hyam and our solicitors Hunt and Hunt, we now have a victory.

My family and my parents can't thank you enough. It means more than you can imagine - their home is truly their castle."