Thursday 23 February 2017




Well readers around the world, we have passed 3000 hits since this blog started on 25 th December. Hooray!! It is a group effort as I couldn't keep going without readers. In fact I'd like more readers, because I put a lot of work into it, helped by Acerules. 

Thank you to the great readers that comment, I'd like to see more commenters joining in, you can post under anonymous if you don't want to join Google. Don't be afraid to share your views. I love the comments so far!

Do you think you all could share the link to my blog? Email it, put up on social media, whatever floats your boat.

I would love to have more followers. The benefit is that you get notified when I put up a new post.

I would also like more guest posts, like Dan wrote. (Thankyou, Dan).  If you email it to me I will put it up. 

Map below shows all hits over about 5 since we started. Darker colour equals more hits. There were many other countries who made less than about 5 hits, but don't register. I did see them on the daily log though. I get very excited with each new country! Ireland registers here.


This map shows hits last month. Ireland has been replaced with New Zealand.


Thank you all, sincerely, for reading! Stay with us!


Kathy said...

I posted on my social media...

Running on empty said...

Thank you Kathy! Glad to hear from you.