Thursday 9 February 2017


Moderately hot weather here today with moderate norwesterly winds. In short, bushfire weather. I will be watering the garden this morning. 
I believe that Sydney is having a much hotter Summer, though. I remember those when we lived there. 



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Kathy said...

I asked the very same question as you I thought how did this get posted here? I was wondering how hot it was in farenheight.

That is very hot when there is not much relief at night. Hopefully you don't have any bushfires. There were a lot of fires in the South last summer and a huge part of a big tourist town burned near the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. There are a lot of homes in the mountains and it was terrible to hear people had no warning and drove through fire to escape. Some fires were started by careless people and some on purpose. There are a lot of 'no burn' days when it is very dry.

I hope the hot spell is a short one.